- Looking for men who are confident in their  washboard abs.  Winners will be judged based only on their abs. All nationalities and races welcome.
- Contestants are required to register at 10.00 hrs. At FITFEST ROYAL PARAGON HALL, 5th floor at the HOTMAN FACTORY booth to qualify. Contestants who do not make it in time for registration forfeit their rights to compete. 
- Dress: contestants will bring their own black hoodie with a front zipper, long jeans, sweatpants, and sneakers. Organizers will provide a mask for comeptition. Contestants who are not dressed as per the rules will be disqualified. 

Application: Procedure and Deadline

Apply today until December 12. Online applicants will be limited to 80 people. We will be accepting an additional 20 walk-in contestants on the day on December 16, 2560 at 10.00 hours at the HOTMAN FACTORY BOOTH at FITFEST ROYAL PARAGON HALL.

Judgment Criteria

- Judges are responsible for setting the criteria for judging the winning set of abs. Contestants that qualify will keep their masks on for the duration of the contest.  
- The 20 finalists have a chance to win a special Mr.Hotman prize, as selected by Mr.HOTMAN HOTMAN FACTORY GYM.
- Judges will select the top 10 best abs for the finals on on Sunday, December 17, 2560.


1st prize: 50,000 baht.
2nd prize: 30,000 baht.
3rd prize: 20,000 baht.
MR .HOTMAN: 50, 000 baht.
Total prize money of 150, 000 baht.

Terms and Conditions

- Contestant winnders must show official ID to verify their identity by December 17th at 20:00. Winners that fail to do so will forfeith their prize money.
- Prizes worth 1,000 baht or more will be taxed with a 5% withholding tax of the value of their prize.
- The Company reserves the right to award prizes only to participants who have completed all their personal details correctly and completely.
- The company reserves the right to use the image and voice of the contestant for advertising purposes without the need to pay any compensation to which they may otherwise be entitled. 
- The decision of the judges is absolute and final.


Please read and understand the  ACKNOWLEDGMENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY arising from participation in Fitfest activities, as found in this link.


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