- Male, aged 20 and over.
The competition is divided into two categories.
- Weight category below 80 kg (register on Saturday, 16 December 2017).
- Weight category above 80 kg (register Sunday, 17 December 2017).
- Contestants will draw a number which will determine who they will be competing with.  - Registration will take place before 10.00 hours. Contestants who do not make it in time for registration forfeit their rights to compete.
- Contestants must trim their fingernails. Failure to do so may disqualify a contestant from the tournament.
- Contestants are not allowed to wrap their hands with fabric or use any straps from theior upper arm to their fingertips. 
After the draw, contestants who are defeated twice will be will be eliminated from the competition. Only two pairs from each weight category will make it to the finals.
- Judges will use WAF (World Arm Wrestling Federation) Rules. All contestants should read and understand these rules prior to the competitoin. 

Application: Procedure and Deadline

Apply today until December 12. Applicants will be limited to:
- 48 people for weight category below 80 kg.
- 48 people for Weight category over 80 kg.

Judgment Criteria

The board is based on the standard rules WAF (World Arm Wrestling Federation) rules which can be summarized as follows.
- Handshake: both contestants grip must be straight, with neither being twisted or wrist bent before the start.
- At first, shake hands. Do not use your own hands to cover the other person’s thumb.  
- Before you start, both shoulders need to be placed parallel to the table. Shoulders should be no less that one fist away from the wrestling hand.
- One leg must be on the floor at all times.
- The other leg can move freely but must not come into contact with the contestant on the other side.
- The hand that is not in play must hold on to the handle at all times.
- Do not begin wrestling before the “Ready ... Go” signal. A violator will be given a warning; two warning is equal to 1 foul.
- Two fouls leads to a disqualification for that round.  
- If any party intentionally lets go during the match, that will lead to a foul, no matter where your hand is at the table. If that contestant’s hands are almost touching the pad, that contestant will be considered as having lost that match. 
- If both hands fall out during the race, with one side’s hands in a losing position (i.e. almost touching the cushion), the referee will assume that person has lost.
- If both hands fall out in the hand at the center of the tablethe referee will tie the contestants’ hands with an athlete's rope.
- If any elbow slips during a competition, it will be consider a  foul. But if the elbow slip while the contestant is losing, referees will consider that a defeat.
- If contestants cannot start on their own via a handshake, referees will hold contestants’ hands in place. If a contestant moves any part of their body, it will be considered a fould. 
- If anyone brings their shoulders down below table level, , referees will call it a loss as it can lead to serious injury.
- Do not allow your shoulders or head to touch your hand, otherwise it is a foul.
- To be beaten. Press the opponent’s hand lower than the cushion. (The hand is defined as the wrist to the fingertip).

** A first aid unit is available at Fitfest. However, contestants must assume ALL THE RISKS OF  PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT, AS WELL AS ANY AND ALL OTHER RISKS associated with participating in this event


Weight category below 80 kg.
- 1st Place: cash prize of 25,000 baht
- 2nd Place: cash prize of 15,000 baht 
- 2 remaining finalists will receive a cash prize of 5,000 baht per person.
Weight more than 80 kg.
- Won the silver medal 25,000 baht.
- Prize winner receives a cash prize of 15, 000 baht.
- 2 Finalists will receive a cash prize of 5,000 baht per person.
Total prize money of 100, 000 baht.

Terms and Conditions

- Contestant winnders must show official ID to verify their identity by December 17th at 20:00. Winners that fail to do so will forfeith their prize money.
- Prizes worth 1,000 baht or more will be taxed with a 5% withholding tax of the value of their prize.
- The Company reserves the right to award prizes only to participants who have completed all their personal details correctly and completely.
- The company reserves the right to use the image and voice of the contestant for advertising purposes without the need to pay any compensation to which they may otherwise be entitled. 
- The decision of the judges is absolute and final.


Please read and understand the  ACKNOWLEDGMENT, WAIVER AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY arising from participation in Fitfest activities, as found in this link.


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