English for Business Writing and Communication

English for Business Writing and Communication


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Mr. Jay Zamecnik, PhD., MBA 

The challenge for 21st century learning is to overcome design and implementation barriers and leverage technology to create practical, engaging and learner centric experiences for Plan English Academy learners that are relevant to their curriculum, assessment, everyday lives and business environment. 

Students following the Plan English Academy curriculum will acquire English business writing and communication skills through self-study supported with classes and workshops, moreover involving modern learning techniques that include development in core areas such as: 

- Essential grammar used in business environment 

- E-mailing, taking short notes, and memos. 

- Greeting, presentations, meeting, and discussion. 

- Writing and analyzing case studies in business environment 

- Using English for ideologies in diverse areas 

- Broadening global awareness and prospective 

- Development of abilities to apply public speaking in various areas 

- Comprehension of proper application of English in specific situations 

- Problem Solving through reasoning 

- Interview skills 

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