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Fighters from not only Thailand but Worldwide come to compete the ancient art form at Chaweng Muay Thai Stadium. With fighters as young as 8 years old through to adults both male and female the stadium holds 6 Fights in total twice a week,



night from 9pm

The fights take place keeping it very traditional with the Wai Khru warm up dance followed by 5 rounds. The Stadium has live commentary and a DJ between fights as well as the bar and plenty of staff at hand with cold beer.

The evening is a great way to see some of Thailand’s Culture

Children of all ages through to adults will find
the fights exciting and a race of adrenline


  • -Doors open from 9pm and the first fight begins at 9.30pm-
  • -The bar serves a wide selection of drinks from beers and cocktails, bottle service and soft drinks-
  • -Food can be ordered from local restaurants and brought to your table-
  • -Hotel and Villa pick up can be arranged before by calling 077-300-514 or emailing
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Chaweng Stadium Thai Boxing

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