Siam Dragon Show

Siam Dragon Show


Siam Dragon Show is the place of entertainment, variants of fun and exult.

We expect very much that you will be happy and satisfied with the pleasure to watch

the show that we have created for all of you

With a style of shows incorporating the culture of the North and the cabaret-style,

this show is characterised by refined creative way and a variety of modern ways.

We also have professional actors filled with skills and the power to perform the show.

We are ready to bring the 70-minute of happiness you can enjoy

and the charm of a show that you should not miss.

** Ticket Price 1,000 THB [ Buy 1 Get 1 Free ]

Interview with the Manager

Hello and welcome all of you to "Siam Dragon Show Chiang Mai” This world is filled with many interesting cultures which are like the colorful patterns that fulfill our life experience. Culture is something classy and elegant, full of creativity and fun as well. So "Siam Dragon Show Chiang Mai" wants to provide both the fun and the combination of cultures to all guests. 

While the construction of the "Siam Dragon Show" is going on, I highly hope to share the beauty Culture of Thailand and the fun caused by hostile to the visitors and to the rest of the people that will be visiting at this place. The people of Thailand and I still believe the variety of cultures will provide you all the fun. And lastly, I would like to thank every one of you that honors our "Siam Dragon Show Chiang Mai" in our unique ways. And I look forward to see all of you enjoy the fun and gain great experience like we did throughout the time we were constructing this incredible place, “Siam Dragon Show, Chiang Mai”


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