International Accreditation for Higher Education Institutions in Thailand


 International Accreditation for

Higher Education Institutions in Thailand


This seminar is designed to enhance the knowledge, understandings and importance of International Accreditation for higher education institutions in Thailand. 


As higher education institutions in Thailand continue to contribute to the global community of 21st Century Teaching & Learning, it is also crucial that institutions recognise the importance of becoming internationally recognised. 


Therefore, this seminar has been designed as a need to share knowledge on the importance of International Accreditation for higher education institutions specifically in Thailand, as the kingdom continues to be globally recognised


The increase of institutions applying for international accreditation has risen over the years and even more so due to the concentration on internationalisation strategies and quality assurance within Thailand. 

Institutions who have received international accreditation, are eligible for a number of benefits including, increasing their institutional ranking, international collaboration with other institutions globally and most importantly the increase of student admissions. 

This seminar also introduces ASIC, which is an independent, government approved accreditation body specialising in the accreditation of schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and online and distance education providers, both in the UK and overseas. 


Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek further information on the application processes of the International Accreditation from our guest speakers Mr. Lee Hammond, CEO of ASIC and Dr. Maurice Dimmock, Chairman of ASIC. 


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Age must be over 21 years old

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