2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit

2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit


The ten ASEAN countries have population about 600 million in total, which consist of different ethnic background and different constitutional systems. Different digital currencies represented by Bitcoin are also pouring into this emerging market and Blockchain technology is also in the beginning stage of the market. In 2019, the Blockchain technology will enter the mainstream cognitive and industrial realization stage of the ASEAN market.

Thailand is the “Focal Point” in ASEAN countries and has a huge market of nearly 70 million populations. The government is accelerating the layout of digital infrastructure and technology to achieve the 2021 economic development plan. Thailand has rapidly introduced and improved its policies because of the blooming market of digital assets. Thailand has gradually emerged as the center of the Southeast Asia Blockchain.

Immense seized the opportunity when the international currency and Blockchain communities are experiencing huge change, the Asian Blockchain enterprises are looking for base, and the Thai policy framework is constantly improving. There will be 1000+ attendees, 30+ executives, 50+ speakers and 100+ media partners globally attending this event. It aims to attract the world's capital, talents, and technology.


  • First blockchain summit focusing on building the blockchain center of ASEAN
  • Discussing on the hottest topics, such as the global trend of STO regulation and stable coin development

  • Attracted industrial experts, investment firms, government agencies, and medias from ASEAN's region, China and U.S., etc.

  • Selecting and awarding projects from the top 10 distinguish projects with the greatest potential development in ASEAN

  • Gathering 1000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 100+ ASEAN media, 20+ strategic partners together

Confirmed Speakers:

Korn Dabbaransi | Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand

Archari Suppiroj | Director of FinTech Department, Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand

Maggie Wu | CEO, Krypital Group

Kitti Pornsiwakit | President of Association of Thai Tourism Market & AVP Tourism Council of Thailand

Omer Ozden | CEO, Rock Tree Capital | Rock Tree LEX

Sanjay Popli | Committee of Thailand Blockchain Association

Dr. Karndee Leopairote | CEO, ICORA

Rum Yu | CollinStar Capital Partner

Jirayut Srupsrisopa | Founder, Bitkub Exchange Thailand

Patricia Xu | Chairman, NEEX Foundation

Li Xiang Min | CEO, ChainCapital

Ren Feng | Founding Partner, BiMoney

Yang Yao Dong | Scientist, QuarkChain Foundation

Xanne Leo | CEO, Infinitus

Laura | CEO, NEM Thailand

Puntil Jongjittrakoon | President of Thailand Crypto Beach Association

Wang Pan Jun | President of Bibox Exchange

Dr. Bhume Bhumiratana | Consultant of Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand

Nat Wittayatanaseth | Investment Banker, Beacon Venture Capital Thailand

Xu Yin | Oath CEO

Daniel Ding | BIMG, Secretary General of Blockchain International Media Global

Ge Wen Xin | Evolution Capital, Partner

Roy Kek | Founder, DIFY/ Singapore PR

Zane Wei | Partners of 8 Decimal Capital

Zhu Bo | Founder of Dream Chaser Capital

Christopher Huang | Committee of Thailand Blockchain Association

Jiraboon Narktong| Founder & CEO of Siam Blockchain

Pondet Ananchai | Founder of Cryptonist

Akaradet Diawpanich | CSO of Bitcoin Addict Thailand | Cryptomind

Nicole Nguyen | Head of Asia Pacific, Infinity Blockchain Ventures

Pang Ni | Famous Blockchain Influencer

Yovie Liu | CEO of IDAX Singapore

Vachara Aemavat | Co-CEO of SIX. Network

Lucia Zheng | Founding Partner of Blockchain Hero

Charles Li | Managing Director of Spark Blockchain

Rhee Hyun Jae | Founder of Path Hive

Dr. Thuntee Sukchotrat | Executive Director of Thai Fintech Association



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