The 5th Thailand 420: 5ปี​ กัญ​ชา​ชน​

The 5th Thailand 420: 5ปี​ กัญ​ชา​ชน​

The 5th Thailand 420: OG 5 Year Ganchachon by Highland!

Highland is the voice, the thirst and the drive for change. We aim to educate and elevate the level of knowledge, which we believe will eventually legalize Thailand.

Event Highlights:

Educational Exhibition

  • Cannabis Strains Exhibition, Dutch Passion - Seed Bank, Amsterdam picked 5 best strain for Thailand Climate.

  • Cannabis Extract Exhibition, Video Exhibition of all form of Cannabis Extraction process, from a simple tea that can be made at home through to CO2 extraction.

  • Cannabis as Medicine Exhibition, Highland’s very own version of Cannabis Medicine Package Insert, to provides information about Medical Cannabis and its use

Live Exhibition, where you can meet and chat with those behind the movement, the Highlanders.

Educational Talk, with international speakers, addressing topics such as:

  • Cannabis strains and seeds by Dutch Passion - Seed Bank, Amsterdam, Netherland.

  • Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), what is it? by Highland Grower LLC Applicant- Cannabis Farm, Quebec, Canada.

      And many more…

Panel Discussion;

  • Thailand Medical Roadmap

  • Decriminalization

Educational Workshop;

  • Living Soil Workshop
  • Indoor Grow Workshop
  • Cannabis as Medicine Workshop

Entertainment, a Highland 420 event is not complete without a “PARTY,” major “alternative lifestyle” local bands will uplift the crowd and get the party going late into the night. Line-up:

  • Ha Unlimited
  • Rootsman Creation
  • Samainainiyom
  • JUU 4E

Lifestyle Market, arts, crafts, fashion and accessories, so much to see and do. Also, munch away till you burst with selection of Food and Beverage stalls, that’s ready to satisfy every taste.

Come and take part in the Thai Cannabis Movement.

20 April 2019

14:00 - 23:30

@ตลาดยิปซีฟลามิงโก้เลค Kingdom of Art & Music

See you there!

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Thank you, to our event sponsors.

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* This event requires attendees to be at least 20 years old.

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