Self Love Meditation and Pottery Workshop.

You’re invited to treat yourself, set intentions and celebrate you at our Self Love Meditation and Pottery Workshop.


More than  a workshop, this is an experience and opportunity for you to meet like-hearted people and connect creatively through the language of clay art and healing hearts .


Meditation circle, personalized self love mugs,refreshments and Chakra candle all included.




In this session, Angeli  will teach you to open and balance your chakras. Combining candles, flowers, healing crystals, colour therapy and guided meditation to help you step into your light, and nurture and nourish your soul.



All participants will be making a mug each, making personalized marks of uplifting messages or drawings for yourself to empower you through your day! With a glaze of your choice, Sinee will glaze the pieces for you. You will be notified once the mugs are ready to be taken home! All participants will make their own mugs to reflect on and cherish forever.


 Limited number of tickets available.



Guided meditation

Manifestation workshop session focused on self love

All tools & materials will be provided

Refreshments included



Single stem flower 

Chakra Candle 

Personalized Mugs 

( Pick up from the studio or gaysorn plaza  1 - 2 weeks after the workshop. )



An open mind and loving heart .


This event is not to be missed! We are so excited to connect with other like-hearted people and share our teachings with you.



Sinee is an enthusiastic  art therapist through craft and she chose her main medium of the creative expression in clay. Palm pottery studio is where she conducts successful and heartwarming workshops and  unique artworks. It is located in a very cosy,comfortable and easeful homelike environment. She is also a passionate handicraft developer . Through her wisdom,she gave birth to her brand named Tanvana.She along with her dedicated team,they  develop products such as casual apparel, accesories and home decor.


Angeli Jagota

Angeli is the Founder Of Theo .

She supports soul-centred women who are ready to embrace change and transformation and create a life that sets their soul on fire.

Angeli  also regularly hosts spiritual workshops and events ,as well as online programs, focused on empowerment, connection and community.


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