Why should you join a Startup?

Why should you join a Startup?

Thailand Startup Week is a Free five-day, entrepreneur-led, community-run event held to celebrate, showcase, empower, inspire, and grow the startup community and culture through knowledge sharing in meetings, gatherings, lectures, and other exciting activities. From 18-22 July, we are hosting over 50 FREE events across Bangkok in multiple locations. You are viewing one of these events.

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Why Should You Join a Startup?

Ever thought of broadening your skills set? Or doing something different and exiting? Is it as risky as you think? Understand startup life from an entrepreneur. 

Remi Ducrocq, CEO of KYKLO

Founded end of 2015, KYKLO successfully raised a seed round and has been chosen as TOP 10 start-ups in South East Asia for Echelon Thailand 2015! 
KYKLO is the first and only company specialised in the electromechanical industry which enables retailers and distributors to start selling online under domain within 48 hours!

Remi is a french-thai entrepreneur. After many years in the electromechanical industry, he decided to take on the challenge to get the B2B industry online. His dream is to help hundred of thousands of SMEs all over the globe to change into digital companies and sell online!


21 July 2016 at 20:30 - 21:30


Why should you join a Startup?
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