XOXO Jessica Fan Meeting in Thailand

XOXO Jessica Fan Meeting in Thailand

Hello Thai fans!!
Jessica will come to Thailand to see you guys with fresh news! This fan meeting is happy reunited for the fans who we met last year. And it will be the fresh and cool meeting for the fans who did not make it last year.

Jessica is ready to make great memories with you guys! How about you?  Are you ready!?  “XOXO Jessica Fan Meeting in Thailand” will be on 27th Oct 2019! Do not miss the chance to make unforgettable memory with her sweetest voice and happy smile!!

Date: 27th OCTOBER 2019 (SUNDAY)
Time: 5PM
Venue: Ultar Arena Hall at Show DC
Ticket Price: 5,820 (VIP) / 4,520 / 3,520 / 2,520 BAHT
                        (*The price above is included 20THB of PVC Ticket.)
Ticket Open: 28th September, 2019 (10 AM Onwards)


Announcement of Lucky Fans: CLICK HERE

How to buy a ticket

1. All users must register your account and log in at www.eventpop.me (Please fill your real name- surname, this information will be noted in the event confirmation for receiving a ticket at show day.)

2. The queue runs at 10 AM and the page will be automatically refreshed to the queue page. The running number of the queue depends on the loading screen of each computer or mobile at that time.

3. Each user has only 15 mins to select zone and seat (maximum of 4 tickets per zone/queue/order) and 1 user can buy only 4 Tickets.

4. Refund protect is optional. User can select "Yes" or "No" before making a payment. 

5. User can choose whether to deliver the plastic ticket to their address or pick-up at show day. *This option cannot be changed after making a payment* For those who buy a ticket from Oct 16th, 2019 must choose to pick-up ticket at show day only.

6 Choose your most convenient payment channels, including debit or credit card (limited time of 15 mins) and bill payment at counter services (limited time of 2 hrs.), Bank Transfer and confirm your payment (limited time of 2 hrs.)

7. Confirm your order and make a payment.

Remarks :

- This ticket price does not include shipping fee (optional) and Refund Protect insurance (optional).

- According to the organizer's policy, your purchase will be considered the best seat selection at that time. The organizer reserves the right not to change the seat, upgrade the ticket, request to cancel or refund in any cases.

- Tickets are the property of the Organizer and cannot be resold for any commercial purposes. The resale of ticket(s) is prohibited. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the ticket with no prior notice and with no refund or other compensation. The organizer will return the ticket to the system for reselling.

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How to receive a delivery fee
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2) In case of payment via Debit card, you will receive the money back to your bank account linked with your Debit card within 30-45 days (depending on your card issuer).

3) In case of payment via Bill Payment/Bank Transfer, you can get the delivery fee back at the event. Please bring the documents as follows:

1. Printed Receipt (See more how to download receipt; https://eventpop-help-center-th.helpscoutdocs.com/…/576-how…)

2. In case of your own delivery fee: please prepare a copy of your ID Card/Passport with signed acknowledge

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3. A copy of bank account (for a direct transfer fee to customer’s bank account)

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