TDPK Tech Supper Club : HERE’s Evening Talk "Learn how location service can boost your business with the three use-cases"

HERE’s Evening Talk : Learn how location service can boost your business with the three use-cases!!!

....We aim to share “HERE” location knowledge to active TDPK community. The participants will learn how to creative and productive implement location service from awesome real cases in as the example Thailand..
1)Mapping and places of government agencies 
2)Logistic optimization by Zagetdoo
3)Media, Insurance and on-demand services

Join us!!!!

**This session is in Thai **

Speakers :
1. Thanyapat Sakunkonchak, Business Development Manager at HERE.
Thanyapat has over 10 years extensive experience and background in developing new business for multi-national leading technology companies in various segments like semiconductor, mobile/telecom, automotive and geolocation.

2. Kamol Limtanyakul, Developer and Owner of Zagetdoo.
Kamol has particularly developed software applications to automate resource planning and scheduling process. He has applied various optimization techniques like mathematical programming or heuristics for several projects, e.g. facility location planning, loss minimization and load balancing for a three-phase transformer, vehicle routing. Online map services are also involved in his works.

3. Poramet Wattaya, Sr Technical Support Engineer at HERE.
Poramet is responsible for providing specialist products to customers in Thailand and Indo-China countries. He has strong customers focus in Location services for Transportation and Logistics which he brings it with him over 8 years’ experience with HERE.

Agenda :
17.30 -18.00    Register
18.00-18.30     “Here” service introduction
18.30-19.00     Mapping and places API
19.00-19.30     Routing and Fleet Telematic API
19.30-20.00     Mapping and On-demand API

Date : 21 Nov 2019
Time : 18.00 -20.00
Location : Townhall M, 6th Floor, True Digital Park


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