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We create a community for every investor who is interested in invest in business in Thailand. We also provide for ENG-VER Live session for the funding seminar by WEALTHI! 

Wealthi - A.I. - based mobile solution for Financial Empowerment 

WEALTHI TECHFIN Co.,ltd offers of fully paid preferred shares in Wealthi Techfin Co., Ltd. at THB 100 per share to raise a maximum of THB 18,625,000
Investor: The minimum investment amount per retail investor is 5,000 THB and cannot exceed THB 100,000 (Non-Retail investor is unlimited amounts of investment)

This equity crowd-sourced funding (ECF) investment brief relates to the Offer of fully paid preference shares in Wealthi Techfin Co., Ltd. This offer is made under the ECF regulation of No. TorJor. 21/2562 of the Capital Market Supervisory Board of Thailand

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Company Overview:

Wealthi is Thailand’s award-winning digital pico financing platform.
Wealthi is a lending application developed by Mr. Tavatchai and his friends to provide pico loans for lower- income classes and financial responsibility in the form of educational videos.

On top of the financing service, Wealthi has developed a credit scoring system to analyze personal data obtained from users, classifying borrowers by ability and willingness to repay debts thus reducing overall credit risk for the business.

*capital at risk*

Contact: K.Sawita 083-7285585
LINE OA: @sinwattanacf

*You can join us at Wealthi Webinar Roadshow Group 

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