O X A Beach Koh Phangan | pres. Berlin Calling | 13th FEB 2020

O X A Beach Koh Phangan | pres. Berlin Calling | 13th FEB 2020
Colorful glittering, bright clear 
lures next to a gold-shimmering sea-bed
the legendary O X A B E A C H
Unaffected by all the thunderous confusion
dancing full of joy, countless multitudes of colorful fishes, glowstarfishes, glitterphangananemones,
shimmering trumpet-crabs and sparkling
unprecedented headdressed aquarists.
So we are told:
O X A will rise to us on THURSDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2020 with our special edition,
::::::::: ::::::::: :::::::::
::::::::: ::::::::: :::::::::
oceanic rhythms from:
∞ ∞ ∞ JENS LISSAT ∞ ∞ ∞
(Suara | Stil vor Talent | Toolroom | Studio 3000 - Ger)
Jens Lissat's tracks are released on trendbreaking labels like Monkey League, Studio3000 Records, Noir Music, Get Physical, Suara, Toolroom, Great Stuff.
For over 20 years now, Jens Lissat is one of the biggest names in the club scene. Insiders gave him the nickname "Godfather Of Techno"..
 He is the owner of four electronic music labels, Tactical Records, Monkey League, Studio3000 Records and Next-Gen-Records. The last 15 years he was part of the Duo Lissat & Voltaxx, and they created many House anthems and Remixes. Today he is touring the world solo, under his real name "Jens Lissat". He releases new music on his new label "Monkey League". The style is a a groovy based Tech House sound. Also the sound spectrum varies from House to Techno.
His extraordinary carrer startet in Hamburg when the early days of disco music began (1979).
Back in the 90's he was one of the founders of German Techno Music. His project "Interactive" was quite popular with hits like "Who is Elvis" and also his label "No Respect Records" was a milestone in the beginning of Techno & Trance (both with his partner Ramon Zenker)
(Techtakel - Berlin, Ger)
Dachgeschoss is a techno dj and the organizer of the monthly "techtakel" berlin event.
Besides his residency you´ll find him regularly at sisyphos hammahalle and other venues in his hometown berlin and other places in europe. His style is powerful, melodic & psychedelic techno, always focussed on the crowd.
(Techtakel - Berlin, Ger)
Schmitzkatzki, die: a subspecies of the Felidae Technoticae.
It is characterized by a unique mixture of music addiction,
a fine nose and a kind of idealism typical of Felidae, but
somewhat stubborn. She prefers to eat techno, grilled tomato
and green cigarettes.
Due to its nocturnal activity and the proprioceptive reception
due to the particularly powerful bass in the paws, it can be found
especially in the techno halls of Berlin clubs: If you are looking
for it you will find it e.g. in Sisyphus, in a bay, with Aunt Renate
or for a beer with Mens * h Meier, where she resides on the legendary Techtakle as a resident.
Dachgeschoss and Schmitzkatzki aka Dachkatze, are the two amazing artists responsible for one of the greatest b2b's in Berlin Techno scene. Next to their b2b successes, they are the brain behind Berlin's well known party Techtakel which features some of the best artists from Berlin and all around the world.
(FuffzigAchtzig - Berlin, Ger)
"A wonderful feeling. I sense a breath of power and control over the crowd moving to my beat." In his hometown Berlin, Toni Strauss (Antonio von Jascheroff) was able to make first contact with
electronic music at an early age through the unique, local club scene. Friends provided him with access to turntables and he quickly understood that this was much more than just a hobby: it was the musical expression of a philosophy of life. The interest was aroused, the first gigs followed, the first own equipment was bought. At the end of 2015 he was admitted to the Berlin label "Fuffzig/Achtzig", where he is currently responsible for online marketing in addition to his profession as resident DJ and booker. Little by little he developed the desire to go further than mix
existing tracks into each other, but to create his own beats and melodies. Out of this wish the cooperation and friendship to his mentor "DJ Lion" arose, under whose care his first EP "Paralyzed"
was released on the label "50/80". Well-known people of the scene became aware of the aspiring talent and so it is not surprising that recently "Matchy" (Lauter Unfug / Katermukke / Stil vor Talent) produced a remix of "Paralyzed". The quote at the beginning describes the passion to project his musical creativity onto the auditorium and to evoke people's euphoria through his energy.
(FuffzigAchtzig - Berlin, Ger)
As a Berlin local, Lormes (50/80 resident) had the privilege to take early first steps into the electronic underground scene which provided him with the opportunity discover and develop his
very own rhythm-based sound. Therefore, he started mixing in 2016 as a member of different labels and artist collectives. His progressive and melodic sound inspires ravers on major Berlin
dancefloors (such as Ritter Butzke & the Suicide Circus) and Festivals (3000 Grad Festival). In the last year he started producing himself guided by his friend and mentor DJ Lion. We are full of
expectations regarding the upcoming release on ICONYC Noir, a label which has already gained attention due to well-known artist such as Matchy and Sean & Dee.
(RDTR, Techno Omut - Ru)
Gregory Kollen as also knowns with his alter ego Monolemma. DJ and sound producer from Russia, Moscow. Since 2013 he starts to play and to share a deep conscious of music.
Producer and resident of international labels: «Axiomatic Records», «May Gold Records», «Ubertrend Records», «Silvana Records», «RDTR».
Founder and owner of Moscow underground club «Alchemic», founder of promo group «Visual waves». Resident of artists community «Techno Omut». Preferred of non-commercial sound of underground stage. The artist who works on different directions and genres of IDM: Ambient, Dub Techno, Minimal, Micro House, Deep House, and variations of Techno, Techno-Trance and Hypnotic Techno. Also he works with Chillout, Chillstep, Chillrave, Psychill and Downtempo.
At this moment lives on Koh Phangan.
(Straight outta Berlin - Ger)
(Solar Conexion | DTTD - Ger)
(TPFP | Oxa Beach - Ger)
∞ PG ∞
(Phangan Tales - Thl)
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