O X A Beach Koh Phangan | pres. Berlin Calling | 20th FEB 2020

O X A Beach Koh Phangan | pres. Berlin Calling | 20th FEB 2020
Colorful glittering, bright clear
lures next to a gold-shimmering sea-bed
the legendary O X A B E A C H
Unaffected by all the thunderous confusion
dancing full of joy, countless multitudes of colorful fishes, glowstarfishes, glitterphangananemones,
shimmering trumpet-crabs and sparkling
unprecedented headdressed aquarists.
So we are told:
O X A will rise to us on THURSDAY 20th FEBRUARY 2020 with our special edition,
::::::::: ::::::::: :::::::::
::::::::: ::::::::: :::::::::
oceanic rhythms from:
(Bar 25 | Bordel des Arts - Berlin)
From Halle (Saale) to the World. This is how you could most fittingly describe the development of Electronic Elephant in the last couple of years.
What began at the age of 15 with private parties has quickly grown to weekly gigs at the most myth-enshrouded clubs in Germany.
Nevertheless, he has remained more than loyal to his home. Within Station Endlos, which is renowned for its lavish parties far beyond the city borders of Halle, he has found his musical home port. Ever since its foundation he has been on board when the Endlos-Crew set sail to explore the seven seas of electronic music.
Together with the creative collective of artists, decorators, musicians and craftsmen he has delighted festival visitors from all over the world. Amongst the crew’s permanent stations are festivals such as Feel, Artlake and Wilde Möhre.
As is way of the world, every DJ – willingly or unwillingly – sooner or later ends up in Berlin. And so did Electronic Elephant. With his varied sets, which include Tech- and Deep House as well as Techno elements, he could easily gain a foothold within the city’s highly demanding music scene. This is why it’s hardly surprising that he quickly became a regular guest in Berlin’s clubs. Since early 2016 he also holds residencies at the ongoing party series Bordel des Arts and YES!.
When talking about Electronic Elephant and his music especially one name quickly catches one’s eye: Casimir von Oettingen. Together, the native Halle duo have played countless gigs at festivals and clubs in Germany as well as abroad. And even if one of them is DJing on his own, his partner in crime is no further away than an arm’s length.
Lately, the passionate musician has also made a name for himself on the international dance parquet. At gigs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen and Paris he got the dance floors and the adrenalin of international dancers flowing.
(Criminal Bassline | Bar 25 | Bordel des Arts - Berlin)
Mike is the founder of the record label Criminal Bassline and Resident DJ at Bordel Des
Arts, which is one of the most famous underground electronic music events in Berlin. His first release came out in March 2017 on Bar 25 Music as part of the Bordel Des Arts Compilation where Mike also delivered the featured mix.
He regularly plays in the techno club-scene of Berlin (e.g. Watergate, Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Salon zur wilden Renate etc.) and gigs across Germany and Europe, South America, USA & Russia.
He started to DJ Hip-Hop/Soul vinyls in the age of 15, wrote rap lyrics and slowly started producing beats. Then for many private reasons he got stuck and sold all his gear...After a long time in California/USA, he re-started to DJ in 2011 and invented a House-Music party in south Germany. 2012 he moved to Berlin to dig deeper into the electronic music scene. Besides DJing he also worked as a music editor for a Berlin based music-magazine and started his own music platform "", at the end of 2013.
Mike Book is known for his bassline focused, deep & attitude or soul injected DJ-Sets. His musical range goes from Deep-,Tech-House to deep underground Techno.
For Mike it´s all about basslines!
(Criminal Bassline | Bar 25 | Bordel des Arts - Berlin)
After his first musical attempts in hip-hop in the city of Hamburg, "vom Feisten" arrived in Berlin and has found his new home in the electronic club scene. His musical style is particularly in progressive deep house with techno elements.
With releases on labels like Mukke, Bridge and Mischpoke he has made a lot of friends in the scene and played groundbreaking sets in the best clubs in town like KaterBlau, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke only to mention a few. He is thrilling the dancing masses from the beginning until the end. Performances in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Austria, Poland and Switzerland show that "vom Feisten" is an artist you should keep an eye on.
∞ A.D.H.S. ∞
( Lass uns tanzen | Deus X | Club Liberté - Berlin)
Born and raised in the in the south of germany A.D.H.S started Djing in his Highschool years as a HipHop Dj. After training his scratching skills, A.D.H.S started to discover electronic music through Artist, and later Idols, like Solomun, Maceo Plex, Thomas Schumacher & Stefan Bodzin. While still in school he became crazy about electronic music & clubbing and made himself a solid base of nightlife connections. He even founded his own event organizations „Lass uns Tanzen“ & „Deus x.“ which are active in Germany and Austria. Playing a variety of different electronic styles A.D.H.S has affection for melodic and bass filled sounds. He’s notorious for firing huge techno and house bombs at the crowd causing massive
dance floor damage, but he is also able to shift his energy into a soulful deephouse track selection. Whatever! Are you ready to get A.D.H.D with A.D.H.S?
(Deeperfect | La Maison | Trapez - Berlin)
Dejvid Kavazovic (10.07.1984) is a producer and dj from berlin, with croatian/bosnian roots. Based in hip hop he early discovered his passion about harder and faster beats. So it was just a question of time until the self- taught musician came to techno. He released his first Record on Alex Baus label „43 Recordings“. Then followed a publication on „Deeperfect, Moonplay Records“. His tracks aren´t unnecessary overloaded. It´s all about the groove! The songs are joined with a deep atmosphere and cracky, danceable beats. In the past few years Dejvid played in some nameable clubs in germany.
(Ultra Music Rec. | Obsolet | What I Play, Zehn - Berlin)
Max Joni was born in 1983 in East-Berlin. He grew up as a music loving teenager during the exciting times of the 19’90s and the fall of the Berlin Wall. His music path began with Hip Hip. In the end of the 2000s the nights are getting longer and „legs go heavy“ - Techno is in town. The first steps in electronic music were ghost productions. From that time on famous studio partners like Lexy&K- Paul, Daniele di Martino, Dayne S, Alle Farben, SoKool, M.A.N.D.Y., Ante Perry and YOUNOTUS worked with him and remixes for artists like "Lana del Rey" or "Moby" were produced by Max Joni. The sound is getting clubbier as Max Joni released on famous underground labels like "What I Play", „ZEHN“ and international
labels like „ULTRA Music“.
In 2018 he co-founded the label OBSOLET with his Studio buddies Nils Hoffmann, Modshape and Niklas Ibach and created a new party concept called „back2back“ for the famous Berlin club "Ritter Butzke“. Melodic
Techno and Afro House is now his home.
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(Obsolet - Berlin)
Aka Maria has had a deep relationship with music starting from a very early age. Even as a five-year-old, she would record mixtapes from the radio for her friends, who were compelled to listen attentively until the very end. Flash forward, MUKKIMIAU is now well connected in the Berlin underground scene where she has already played in clubs like Anita Berber and Ritter Butzke, Fiese Remise. MUKKIMIAU is most notable for her after-hour sessions where she passionately spins enthusiastic, wild and melodic sounds from the afro and deep house world - all garnished with a handful of confetti.
Since November 2019 she also has a female DJ Project together with Mina da Lua called: mukki&mina.
(RDTR, Techno Omut - Ru)
Gregory Kollen as also knowns with his alter ego Monolemma. DJ and sound producer from Russia, Moscow. Since 2013 he starts to play and to share a deep conscious of music.
Producer and resident of international labels: «Axiomatic Records», «May Gold Records», «Ubertrend Records», «Silvana Records», «RDTR».
Founder and owner of Moscow underground club «Alchemic», founder of promo group «Visual waves». Resident of artists community «Techno Omut». Preferred of non-commercial sound of underground stage. The artist who works on different directions and genres of IDM: Ambient, Dub Techno, Minimal, Micro House, Deep House, and variations of Techno, Techno-Trance and Hypnotic Techno. Also he works with Chillout, Chillstep, Chillrave, Psychill and Downtempo.
(Solar Conexion | DTTD - Ger)
(TPFP | Oxa Beach - Ger)
∞ PG ∞
(Phangan Tales - Thl)
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