Startup story Ep1 : Basic Tax/ Accounting for Entrepreneurs powered by PEAK

Startup story Ep1 : Basic Tax/ Accounting for Entrepreneurs powered by PEAK

Startup story Ep1 : Basic Tax/ Accounting for Entrepreneurs powered by PEAK

Accounting fundamentals course will simply introduce you through the accounting process. We simplified the component of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The course demonstrates how to prepare financial statements complied with the regulations of Revenue Department (RD) and Ministry of Commerce.

...In this event, we will discuss corporate vs. personal income tax. Corporate tax (CIT) is an expense of a business collected by government that represents a main source of income for country, whereas personal income tax (PIT) is another type of tax imposed on an individual’s income e.g., your wages and salaries.

....Furthermore, this course will introduce a concept of tax Shield which is an allowable deduction from taxable income resulting in a reduction of taxes payable. Tax shields differ between regulations of each country. Tax shield performance will depend on our insightful level of tax laws and regulations.

Course Contents:

1. Basic accounting for Start-up environment:

a. Simplified balance sheet concept.

b. Income statement component.

c. Cash flow statement.

2. Basic tax concepts:

a. Corporate tax vs. Personal tax.

b. Withholding tax.

c. Value added tax (VAT).

d. Tax performance management (Tax Shield).

e. How to deal with RD. issues

Speakers :

Mr.Taneeya Paosoo (Founder of Namsawang Office) 

...Mr. Taneeya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in accountancy and M.S. in Finance from Assumption University. He commenced his career at Ernst and Young office (EY) in 2013 as an auditor, before moving to transaction advisory business unit as senior consultant taking care of financial due diligence service. After that in 2016, he joined Krungsri Asset Management, where he changed to the new career path as an investment analysis......Mr. Taneeya in 2019 founded Namsawang Office provides a wide range of corporate services e.g., accounting and financial service, business and tax advisory services!!

** This Session is in Thai**

Remark : All participants must wear a face mask on the day of the event


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