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02 Aug 2019 14:00

Never lose your favorite events again with Eventpop’s new Bookmark feature

Isn’t it annoying when you have to search and dig out the same events over and over just because you’ve missed out on a piece of information, or finally decided to book a spot that workshop?

With hundred of awesome events to go live on our app, its easy for you to lose track of your favorite events. So, we are pleased to introduce our new feature “Bookmark”, to help you remember and keep track of all your exciting events in one tidy place! 

This feature will help you save and organize your events so you can always come back and easily find what you had your eyes on. We want to save you time and hassles having to repetitively search and scroll - with this update we want to make sure you have the best experience using our platform.

Stay tune! We promise to bring you more updates and enhancements to our app – our users deserve the best from us and so give us a shout if you ever have any concerns.

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