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Seamless NFC-enabled
Event Experience

Access Control · Cashless Payment · Data Collection · Monitoring & Analytics

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S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017
40,000 Spark enabled wristbands
20% increase in revenue

The Seamless Experience
With Zero Downtime

For access control and payments, we found that an NFC enabled wristband provides the most seamless experience which in turns increases sales and customer happiness.

By design, Spark has been built and tested with large festivals high traffic events in mind.

The system requires no internet connection and runs even when the network infrastructure is down.

Spacejam Music Festival
10,000+ Attendees

Sell More
Save Even More

We see average of 20% Increase on at-event revenue across all deployments due to reduced queueing time (no change), less cash management and more time to focus on the at-event marketing.

Your bar staffs and vendors will receive training and service assurance by out on site team.

  • Collect GP
  • Understand revenue by bars, items and vendors.
  • Adjust your at-event stategy according to live reports.
  • Secure system with tamper-protection.
  • Deliver wristbands to home before event.

S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017
40,000+ Attendees

Secured And Tamper-proof

All Spark cards and wristbands are secured by 4 layers of security.

  • Data Encryption
  • None Central Key Decryption
  • Client Authentication
  • Tamper Protection
Deliver to home with peace of mind.

S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017
40,000+ Attendees

Wristbands And Cards

Spark wb

Customizable wristband with event’s branding. Wristband serves as a ticket and cashcard. They can be delivered to the door of the attendees.

Spark card

Cashcards allow for a great payment experience for attendees and a great cash management experience organizers.

Delivered to Customer's Front Door

We are the first to deliver cards and wristbands to your customers.

Pre-Event Top-Up

Pre-event top-up allows customers to top-up their cashless card before the event.

Wristbands for
S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017

The System To Help You
Manage Events Better

Access Control

NFC Wristbands enables fast and convenient access at the gate, so your staffs and the attendees can rest assure that everything will be smooth.

Cashless Payment System

Whether it’s your own F&B point of sales or vendors, we have you covered. You can streamline operations and have a transparent view of the sales.

No Internet Required, No Downtime by design

Spark provides a turn-key solution for in-event access control.

We help you deploy and implement a platform that will make in-event management simpler, transparent and efficient.

Don’t Let Daddy Know Thailand
5,000+ Attendees

Infrastructure Overview

Cashcards & Wristbands

Top up credits into their Cashcard or Wristband at Spark Station or Spark Troops.


Customers can check balance and use their Cashcards or Wristbands for payment at merchant stations.

Handheld Devices

At the end of the event, if customers wish to refund, refunds can be issued at Spark Stations.

Spark Stations

Top up credits into their Cashcard or Wristband at Spark Station.

Spark Troops

Troops are mobile and flexible, they can be used to reduce queues or sent to high traffic areas.

S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017
40,000+ Attendees
Spark report

Dashboard Live Analytics

Optimize Access Control

Understand your attendees, helping you to optimize both operations and functions.

Filtered by Gates, Lanes, Bars and Merchants

See specific set of data from our report will help you manage the flow of crowd and optimize sales.

View Item Sales

Monitor item sales to find best selling and least selling items, manage inventory and stocks with ease.

S2O Songkran Music Featival 2017
40,000+ Attendees


How Can I Start Using Spark?

We recommend you to contact our salesperson to learn more about Spark and how to get start.

Contact Our Salesperson

or you can contact directly at
062-593-2224 Ext 2