What is Brand Resource?

What is Brand Resource?

Brand resources is a design kit consisted of logo, templates and general rules when using Eventpop brand assets.

We aims to make our organizer’s life easier by collecting every brand assets into one place and prepared it as ready-to-use assets.

Logo Usage

Eventpop Logo Logo Usage

When to use?

You can use our logo on your event cover, poster and social media contents presenting the event.

Colors & Scale

We prepared our logo as a ready-to-use asset with appropriated space. You can place it on any corner without worrying too much.

We preferred our primary colors (Eventpop’s Blue) on white or light background but you can also use black logo on lighter background or white logo on darker background as seen on the examples.

Please keep our logo proportion and scale as in the template

Eventpop Logo
(.ai .png format)

Event Cover & Poster

Cover Template Guide Cover Template
<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.brand_resource.event_cover_poster.logo_poster.alt_image.poster_guide">Poster Guide</span>
Poster Template

Logo on Cover

We prepared our logo assets as we would preferred it to be on our event cover.

  • Smallest logo size 100x100 px
  • Smallest badge size 100x100 px

Logo on Poster

Our template consisted of event cover and poster with branding elements in their optimal size.

Event Cover & Poster Template
(.ai .psd .sketch format)



Only using our word-mark logo when displaying partnership between partners.

Logo & Partnership Template
(.ai .psd .png format)