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05 Nov 2020 12:00

Eventpop and GMM Show, under GMM Grammy, joint develop "Fieldwave", a new solution for the event industry in the post-COVID lockdown phase.

After the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic situation resolved, the government passed a resolution to loosen the permit to host events but requires attendees to practice social distancing.  Eventpop and GMM Show under GMM Grammy are joining forces to develop a solution called Field Wave, developing and applying RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) hardware and software, a new solution for the event industry in the post-COVID phase.

To leverage the highest safety precautions in the New Normal. Where visitors can still experience the same entertainment as never before with Fieldwave technology has been designed to help organizers keep track of attendee’s whereabouts in the activity zone in real-time. If there is an event of force majeure the public health organizations will be able to communicate effectively with the exhibitors using data collected from Field Wave.


Additionally, in order to reduce physical contact according to the government regulations, Eventpop has designed Fieldwave technology which does not require any direct physical contact so all event attendees can proceed to Check-in in the most convenient way by simply walking past the gates with no interaction entirely changing the check-in experience.


The Fieldwave technology was not only built to meet safety measures but also to create a deep insight for organizers to be able to enhance their event and give attendees even greater experiences. This is thanks to being able to analyze all the data and use it to improve all areas from floor plan management, better prepare staff to provide thorough services throughout the event, show time management according to attendees traffic and even overall event rating. It can be said that it is making visitors information even more important and useful.

Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan, CEO & Founder of Eventpop said Eventpop has become more than just event registration agency. With professional team members who continuously develop and invent many new technology solutions, Eventpop is able to provide support for any organization that aims to become tech empowered organization. “We also see that GMM Grammy is a highly potential partner who is also interested in incorporating technology into the business. This eventually leads to our partnership under the same goal which is to deliver a great event experience and safety at the same time”.

As for Phawit Chitrakorn, CEO of GMM Music at Gmm Grammy, revealed that apart from creating great event experience, keeping physical distancing is also a top priority for event organizer to consider. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eventpop, Big Data, and GMM SHOW team. I hope everyone have a great fun while keeping yourself safe as well”.

Tharnthip Sangsatra, Marketing of CRM GMM Grammy Plc, said “Fieldwave technology allows us to get the most accurate insight from the customer and to be able to identify any perceive risk that may occur. In addition, by tracking customer journey also enables event organizer to analyze the insight and develop into strategic and safety plans.

This is the first time for Eventpop to leverage the use of RFID into the event industry to assist event organizer in managing attendee effectively. We truly believe that we will continue to develop new technology solutions to support and expand more opportunities to event organizers, brands, and any individuals from all industries in this New Normal time.