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12 Jul 2019 00:00

Enhance your event engagement with Mobile Gallery

The event page is the storefront for your events. We all know how important storytelling is. We're amazed to see awesome creators making the most with our platforms such as Kolour In The Park, KILORUN OSAKA, and RubyConf.

We’re announcing a new feature in the event’s cover photo section called the Mobile Gallery. This new feature will allow you to use multiple photos to tell your story, for example, you can add speakers photos, lineup posters, the event agenda. 

Starting now, in your organizer dashboard, you can go to the Page Editor to create your first gallery. Add up to 8 images to promote your current event with a vertical poster, an artist closeup photo, to huge crowds waving their hands anything that you see fit in telling the story that surrounds your event. To learn more about our new feature, check out the Creators Help Center.

For attendees, Mobile Gallery will be rolling out globally today on the latest version of Eventpop for iOS and Android.

We want to thank all the creators who are creating events that are meaningful, exciting, and knowledgeable because our goal is to help you grow the awareness of your event and to enhance your event business across our platform. 

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