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11 May 2020 12:00

THE STANDARD Economic Forum - An alternative solution to successful conference

THE STANDARD will be organizing a virtual conference hosted by Thailand’s 40 influential people for the economic and social development who will be talking about how the country should prepare for life after Covid-19. This is an online interactive conference where THE STANDARD trusted Eventpop to implement event solutions such as ticketing platform, conference setup, broadcast system, and production equipment service to ensure that the actual event day runs smoothly.

‘THE STANDARD Economic Forum’ will take place between 29-31 May 2020 with full HD live broadcast. Eventpop will be taking care of the whole operation process from setting up and promoting the event, selling tickets, liaising with THE STANDARD and the production team to ensure all tasks are carried out effectively. This event shows how the industry adapted to the changing consumer behavior where the organizers can still generate revenue just like other offline events. 

THE STANDARD has successfully showed how online experience can be used to connect everyone in remote location while practicing social distance. This is definitely a good opportunity for brands, corporates and organizations to also use this alternative in these challenging times.

Eventpop always remains completely committed to our standards. We can assist you with our online event solutions. If you are interested in hosting online events or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@eventpop.me or 0625932224 press 2 (Call Center).